Availability searches with legal opinions from local trademark experts!

In countries where you don't have local expertise, i-Search helps you to select trademarks available for use and registration. It is efficient, easy and safe: We will conduct the searches, collect expert opinions from local attorneys, clarify potential questions for you, and combine the numerous parts of your search in one single report. Major well-known brand owners and law firms already trust i-Search to clear their trademarks.


i-Search helps you to

  • Evaluate search results across countries
  • Clear trademarks faster and with less effort
  • Improve transparency of work progress and costs
  • Benefit from the knowledge of local partners
  • Respond flexibly to a changing workload

This is what you get

  • Excellent searches
  • Concise & informative opinions from local trademark experts
  • Consistent layout for multiple countries
  • Partners with a proven reputation
  • Trademark clearing for your budget

i-Search is competitively priced and can be tailored to your requirements. For searching, SMD Group draws upon a wealth of expertise. Each search is performed by legally skilled and dedicated professionals. For the legal opinions, we draw on a network of more than 380 attorneys and legal professionals worldwide, who have extensive experiene in local laws and customs.

Our legal experts investigate the following aspects with regard to the different search options (i-Search Plus, Saver and Executive).

Inherent registrability: Is the proposed trademark distinctive enough to qualify for registration?

Linguistic remarks: Are there any unintended or undesirable meanings which may be evoked in a particular language?

Availability for use & registration: Are there any prior rights that may constitute bars to the use and registration of the proposed mark? Details of the relevant marks are provided.

Conclusion: The conclusion provides advice on whether or not to proceed with the proposed trademark.


Select any five or more countries of the EU for your custom search package. The search report will be fully adapted to your needs. More information is available on www.i-search.biz. Your i-Search Expert will provide you with an individual offer:

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