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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 14/21 (September 2021)

Argentina New Regulation of Product Labelling  read more

Belarus Withdrawal of Notification on Division of International Registrations read more

Chile New Intellectual Property Law Published read more

Egypt IP Office No Longer Charges VAT for TM Services read more

EUIPO Financial Support for SMEs read more

EUIPO New Tool for Examination of International Design Registration read more

Israel The Government Accedes to Nice Agreement read more

Mongolia Official Fee Increased read more

Russian Federation Changes to Official Fees for e-Issuance of Original Certificates read more

Serbia New Trade Secret Law in Force read more

United Kingdom Digital IP Renewal Service Officially Launched read more

United Kingdom September 30, 2021: Important Deadline for Holders of International Registrations read more

WIPO Withdrawal of Notification on Division of International Registrations by Belarus read more

Issue 13/21 (July 2021)

Albania IP Office Aligned with CP3 read more

ARIPO Accession to Banjul Protocol on Marks by Gambia  read more

Canada Changes to French Language Laws Proposed by Quebec's Bill 96 read more

Canada New Independent Regulator for Patent and Trademark Agents read more

EUIPO Albanian IP Office Aligned with CP3 read more

EUIPO Uruguayan IP Office Aligned with CP5 read more

Hungary Ratification of Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and GIs read more

New Zealand 3-Month Period before Restriction or Cancellation of Intl. Registrations Are Actioned read more

New Zealand Search Tool for Pre-Approved TM Goods and Services Terms read more

Uruguay IP Office Aligned with CP5 read more

USA TBMP 2021 Update Available read more

WIPO Ratification of Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and GIs by Hungary read more